The simplicity of carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are a fantastic yet simple addition to your commercial space. They offer all the benefits you want and need in a floor covering, with added benefits. Durability and ease of installation are sought-after and available in this product line.

We understand that commercial carpet needs are different

We have serviced the commercial industry for years with quality flooring and services. That means we understand your unique needs. Our staff will work alongside you to help create floors that serve you best.

In some areas, that might mean floors that offer broad durability. In others, you might need a beautiful decor match most. As you share your flooring vision with us, we build an experience that will serve you for years to come.

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Added durability and style, together

Commercial carpet provides superb durability, with fibers that cater to your specific needs. In addition, these products are harder to crush and often feature built-in stain protection. This can mean your floors last much longer than expected in high-traffic areas.

This added benefit means you'll spend less time and money on maintenance needs. Over time, savings like these can add up. But more than that, it means your floors will last longer.

Even though carpet tiles offer excellent durability, they're also beautiful. These tiles can create any look you want. Be sure to browse all the options for your best look.

Carpet tiles are easy to install

Downtime translates into money for many businesses, and we are sensitive to this fact. So, we'll create an installation process that doesn't force you to slow business. Instead, we'll schedule the service for a time that works for you and your company for the best results.

Carpet squares are just as easy to replace when the time comes to do so. We can remove single squares for repair in case of damage, or the whole room, for complete replacement. In every case, we work to ensure your best results based on your specific business needs.
Luxury carpet in Salisbury, NC from Furnish My Place

We have the commercial carpet you need

Furnish My Place is proud to provide products and services you are sure to use at prices you can afford. Our experienced staff works to ensure your best results, no matter how large or small the remodel. To make your experience easy, we'll even bring the products to you for free estimates and more.

Our Salisbury, NC showroom services the Salisbury, NC, Charlotte, NC, Concord, NC, and Lexington, NC areas. When you're ready for carpet tiles you can trust, be sure to visit us. Start your commercial upgrade today by shopping in our showroom.